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Batteries The Key to an Alternative-Energy Future

There is much talk about wind and solar energy and electric cars being the cornerstones of the alternative energy future. But unless an efficient, safe, ... Full story

Green Tech: Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

This is the second article of a series to explore and understand various technologies, products, and practices in the Green Technology movement.Light bulbs are prolifically ... Full story

Green Tech: Electric Cars

Green Technology has become the catchall term to describe the collective industry that is attempting to create products and solutions that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Electric cars, power efficient products, renewable ... Full story

2011 Technology Outlook

As with previous years, January is the perfect time to look at what new technologies and products will be coming our way in the new ... Full story

The Magic of Internet-Connected TVs

I recently had a chance to play with a friend’s Internet-connected TV, and was greatly surprised at how well the Internet features have been integrated. ... Full story

The Android Revolution

You may recall our 2009 technology predictions, where we listed Google OS-based (Android) Smartphones as a new entrant to the market that year. Well, it ... Full story

Protecting Your Smartphone Data

Recently, a friend was telling about how she lost her Smartphone and all her client and business contacts were lost with it. She was frustrated ... Full story

Is Technology Bad for You?

Admittedly, the Technology column may be the last place you’d expect to see a discussion about the adverse effects of technology.  But the social, psychological, ... Full story

total: 8 | displaying: 1 - 8