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Carving Snow, Breaking the Ice: Boarders without Borders Forthcoming documentary to track U.S. snowboarders on Iranian slopes.

In the 30 years since the fall of the Shah, we have seen many attempts at "cultural diplomacy" between the United States and Iran. American ... Full story

The Beauty Regime

When I first started living in Iran, I was a kind of an illiterate, exotic creature who had to learn the alphabet from scratch and ... Full story

Breakfast with the Beatles: Chris Carter's Ticket to Ride

Okay, so it wasn’t a concert.  But this trip to the KLOS studios was just about as exciting for us, since we were there to ... Full story

Fall Fashion & Beauty

This Fall, designers have been showing their love for geometric motifs. Amazingly enough the repeated geometric shapes have their roots in ancient Islamic architecture and was a big ... Full story

‭ ‬ در‭ ‬ایران که‭ ‬دولت‭ ‬در‭ ‬تمامی‭ ‬لایه‭ ‬های‭ ‬جامعه‭ ‬دخالت‭ ‬دارد ‬سازماندهی‭ ‬کمک‭ ‬رسانی‭ ‬به‭ ‬زلزله‭ ‬زدگان‭ ‬توسط‭ ‬گروهی‭ ‬از‭ ‬جوانان‭ ‬امری‭ ‬استثنائی‭ ‬است - جوانان ایران خود به یاری زلزله زدگان شتافتند

          گروهی‭ ‬از‭ ‬جوانان‭ ‬ایران‭ ‬مرکب‭ ‬از‭ ‬فعالان‭ ‬اجتماعی،‭ ‬اعضای‭ ‬کلوب‭ ‬اتومبیل‭ ‬های‭ ‬صحرا‭ ‬نورد‭ ‬و‭ ‬فرزندان‭ ‬خانواده‭ ‬های‭ ‬ثروتمند‭ ‬در‭ ‬حالیکه‭ ‬کاروانی‭ ‬از‭ ‬اتومبیل‭ ‬های‭ ... Full story

در‭ ‬کنگره‭ ‬دموکرات‭ ‬ها‭ ‬چه‭ ‬گذشت؟

  کنگره‭ ‬ی‭ ‬دموکرات‭ ‬ها‭ ‬در‭ ‬شهر‭ ‬‮«‬شارلوت‮»‬‭ ‬از‭ ‬ایالت‭ ‬‮«‬کارولانیای‭ ‬شمالی‮»‬‭ ‬که‭ ‬از‭ ‬مناطق‭ ‬مهم‭ ‬در‭ ‬انتخابات‭ ‬نوامبر‭ ‬است‭ ‬برگزار‭ ‬شد‭.  ‬سخنرانانی‭ ‬مانند‭ ‬‮«‬میشل‭ ‬اوباما‮»‬،‭ ... Full story

Election 2012 نگاهی‭ ‬به‭ ‬ایدئولوژی‭ ‬و‭ ‬برنامه‭ ‬ی‭ ‬جمهوری خواهان

  در‭ ‬کنگره‭ ‬جمهوریخواهان،‭ ‬مهمترین‭ ‬و‭ ‬هیجان‭ ‬انگیزترین‭ ‬خبر‭ ‬برای‭ ‬شرکت‭ ‬کنندگان‭ ‬و‭ ‬طرفداران‭  ‬این‭ ‬حزب،‭ ‬انتخاب‭ ‬‮«‬پال‭ ‬رایان‮»‬‭ ‬بعنوان‭ ‬معاون‭ ‬ریاست‭ ‬جمهوری‭ ‬بود‭.  ‬‮«‬رایان‮»‬‭ ‬نماینده‭ ... Full story

Stay Wired and Still Feel Great

Are your gadgets making you tired and unfocused instead of more efficient? Here, ways to get your computer, smartphone, and tablet to help make you ... Full story

Feeling the Pinch: Iran's Embattled Importers

Seated behind a large wood-paneled desk in downtown Tehran, Mohammed irritably folds up his newspaper and asks the office tea boy to fetch him a ... Full story

Former CIA Spy Advocates Overthrow of Iranian Regime

Reza Kahlili, living in the shadows with a fake name and disguise, worked from inside the Revolutionary Guard. He warns of terrorist sleeper cells in ... Full story

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