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Why the Iranian film industry is like Hollywood before 1969

Every year, Iran turns out dozens of bland romantic dramas – but why? ... Full story

Paternal House: A Challenge to the Government

Paternal House (Khaneh Pedari) is not the first Iranian film to be shown in a European festival while banned at home, but it will be ... Full story

'Zendegi-ye Khosoosi': The 'Private Life' of an Iranian Reformist

A provocative film recently graced Iran's cinemas, albeit for a short time, sparking controversy across the country. The hardline fundamentalist vigilante group Ansar-e Hezbollah (Helpers ... Full story

A Gulf, a Strait, and a Sea: Images of Bandar-e Abbas, Chah Bahar, Hormuz, and Qeshm

By Cipi KashaniIn January 1975, having left Tehran and my university lessons for a short vacation, I set off on my first journey in the ... Full story

Kiomars Moradi on 'The Skyless City' & What the Media Misses

Iranian director Kiomars Moradi has completed rehearsals for The Skyless City, written by Pouria Azarbayjani in collaboration with Moradi, which will make its American debut ... Full story

Drinking Coffee in Tehran: The social and political life of the Iranian café

Coffeehouses in Iran are often designed and situated -- on narrow streets, for example -- to maintain a low profile from the outside. Some are ... Full story

Poetry in Translation: History and Romance in the Verse of H. E. Sayeh

A seasoned traveler on the road to love's door A poem in translation is a linguistic-cultural unit uprooted from its land of origin and replanted in ... Full story

A King Alone

The painting is titled The Hall of Mirrors. It was painted in Iran in 1896. The man sitting on the chair, in the lower third ... Full story

Dealing with Mishaps

In business there are times that we make a mistake or something goes wrong that impacts our customers. If not addressed properly it could lead ... Full story

Breakfast with the Beatles: Chris Carter's Ticket to Ride

Okay, so it wasn’t a concert.  But this trip to the KLOS studios was just about as exciting for us, since we were there to ... Full story

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