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Payam's noteworthy non profit

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Payam's  noteworthy  non profit

A More Balanced World, a nonprofit organization founded on the fundamental belief that there is a great desire among many people of means to help redress the imbalance that exists between the educational opportunities offered the children of privilege, and those of the impoverished, and seeks to draw on the link between the two.  With the strong conviction that education and awareness is the universal key to self-sufficiency and human dignity, A More Balanced World has set out to draw on this desire and they have done just that.


Payam Ashena attended A More Balanced World’s beautiful Nowruz Benefit Gala at the Grand Ballroom of the Olympic Collection in Los Angeles last month with Professor Touraj Daryee, who specializes in the History of Iran & Persian Studies at U.C. Irvine. Musical performances included The Nava Ensemble, Dr. Farimah Sharaz, Saeed Deihimi and with special guest Houshmand Aghili.  All proceeds went to funding children’s education around the world.  


We wanted to share some information about some of the people who are making an impact in our world:


Mandy Fazeli: Founder and President of A More Balanced World. 


Born and raised in Iran, Mandy has spent most of her life in Southern California. Mandy did not always know what her calling in life was, but there has been very little doubt about the depth of satisfaction she felt whenever she was able to impact other people’s lives, be it in small ways.


Mandy spoke about how the idea of the organization came to together with these touching words; “When I sat down to prepare this talk for tonight, and wondered where to start. I put myself behind this podium, looked at you my friends and family, and in my mind’s eye, saw that the dream has already materialized! The dream I am talking about was not for a total balanced world, even though that would be quite nice!  The dream was about a more balanced world….  The word “more” carefully selected to represent, the relativity of it all,…just a tiny more,… one smile, one person, one life, one family,… or a lot more,… more than what it is now”.


A More Balanced World has no paid staff.  Its Board, Officers, and Affiliates are all volunteers.  Networking with the organization through personal relationship with board members and supporters, Affiliates are local volunteers who play a crucial role, both in identification and validation of the needs of the beneficiaries around the world, and as the distribution and communication links for the organization.  They are the primary source for reports on the results/efficacy of funding.  For more information on how to get involved or donate, please visit: www.amorebalancedworld.org

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