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Immigrating to the U.S. by Excelling in One’s Field of Work

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Many commonly think of immigrating to the U.S. through family ties, marriage, H1b visas or investment opportunities, but there are a number of other categories which can make one eligible for a visa or green card. One such category is ideal for anyone who is extraordinary or exceptional in the field that they work in, which can be any field from the arts, the sciences, business, education and athletics.

In order to take this avenue to qualify for a green card, there must be a solid array of documentation to support the petition. Documentation should include at least 3 of the following: 


•  Proof of major national or international awards received

  Membership in associations that require outstanding achievement in order 

       to become a member

•  Being written about in publications and media

  Serving as a judge of work of others in the field

•  Being an author of articles and publications

  Being featured at artistic exhibitions and showcases

•  Serving a leading or critical role in organizations which are distinguished

  Receiving a high salary or compensation compared to others in the field

•  Other major contributions to the field of work


For temporary visits to the US, a visa through this option can be obtained by providing categories of similar proofs and documentation. 


We’ve handled such permanent green cards and temporary visas for a number of clients, including actors and musicians, athletes, researchers, and inventors and political scientists. Clearly, this option is available for a wide variety of occupations - as long as applicants are able to show they are extremely accomplished and distinguished in their field of work. Once applicants are approved to enter the U.S., we are also able to assist them with their contracts needs as they pursue their endeavors.

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