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Ask MehrzadHoliday Makeup

Ask MehrzadHoliday MakeupBy Mehrzad Zamanpourmehrzee@yahoo.comI love going to different shopping malls during the holiday season because of all the fun decorations.  I love the way ... Full story

Answers To Your Beauty Questions

Thank you to everyone for all your emails and questions.  I hope my answers to some of your questions in this issue will help more ... Full story

7 Biggest Beauty Don’ts

I received many emails from you wonderful readers about makeup and skin care do’s and don’ts. And I have sensed frustration in some of the ... Full story

A Few Moments at a Perfume Counter

It had been a long time since I spend some time at a fragrance counter to really look at what is new and what the ... Full story

The Damage of Stress and Anxiety on Our Looks

There is not a magazine or newspaper that does not contain bad news about our environment: news from the latest health threats, be they viruses or secondhand ... Full story

Celebrate the New You ... Full story

Fashion Gone Global

Recently I vacationed in beautiful New York, and Toronto. Besides enjoying the sightseeing with my wonderful family, I enjoyed doing a little research on the ... Full story

Youthful Skin

Because of my extensive background in cosmetics with skin treatment, makeup and fragrances, I am often asked about how to take care of skin for ... Full story

Lipstick Basics

With so many fall colors in neutral, red and wine shades, how do we choose the one that best compliments our lips? So many times ... Full story

Celebrate the New You

I hope you all had a great Norooz, and I hope your celebration of Norooz and what it represent goes on throughout the Spring. For me, it represents ... Full story

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