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Protecting Rights of Gay Citizens in Iran. In a land where homosexuality can yield death sentence, little hope that regime will heed a recent U.N. appeal.

It has always been hard to be gay in the Middle East, even more so in Iran, where a hardline regime, with ultimate power in ... Full story

Strategic Clarity and the Prospect of a Nuclear IranConsidering the real costs and benefits of military engagement and the courage of restraint

The nuclear conundrum in Iran has taken center stage in the United States presidential campaign. Republicans are relentlessly hounding President Obama, as GOP candidates offer ... Full story

New Years Old

To the eighty million Iranians living in Iran, January 1st is simply known as yazdeye Dey or the 11th day of Dey.  However to the ... Full story

Learning Farsi in Tehran

The school bell rang early one morning at the International Center for Persian Studies, the renowned go-to institution for foreigners wishing to learn Farsi in ... Full story

The US Drone: Iran's Potential Gift to RussiaAn erratic alliance viewed optimistically by an isolated regime

Iran claims to have forced down a sophisticated U.S. spy drone on December 4. Nine days later, President Obama formally asked for its return, a ... Full story

Iran's War Against Western Culture: Never Ending, Always Losing

Asghar Agha is a happy man. The Iranian government is losing the information and cultural war against its own people, while he just keeps on ... Full story

Fariba Pajooh, Still in Jail

A photo of this young and bright-eyed journalist first attracted me to Fariba Pajooh's case. She looked so young, almost school-girlish, and so lively that ... Full story

Making 2012 the Best Year of Your Life ( Part 1)

Happy New Year!  Another year has ended and a New Year has begun. Most of you are back to work and continuing with what you ... Full story

Beauty Tips for The New Year

The New Year is a good time to reevaluate and recreate your beauty routine and rituals. Here are a few tips: • Update your make up and ... Full story

X: The Band

I had a bit of a dilemma this month deciding which of our adventures since our last diary entry would be the right one to ... Full story

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