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'Shahs Of Sunset' To Be Developed By Ryan Seacrest And Bravo

Soon the entire nation will know about "Tehrangeles," the tight-knit and stereotypically wealthy Persian-American community of Los Angeles.   Ryan Seacrest and Bravo television are developing a ... Full story

Dressing Up to Move Up

The pressure to dress for success is felt far beyond the professional realmIt was in a salon in the heart of a bustling north Iranian ... Full story

Ahmadinejad vs. the Revolutionary GuardsDoes Ahmadinejad have a fighting chance?

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in hot water these days. His challenge to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, which began after he fired the minister of ... Full story

Are Organized Religions Necessary?

In my opinion, one does not need an organized religion to be able to have a private moment with his/her own god.   I have been doing ... Full story

Tales of Love and Sex in Iran

Reza was 12 years old when he first fell in love. Although the object of his affection, the neighbors' daughter Golnar, didn't reciprocate his sympathies, ... Full story

Iran's Monday Night Football - An unlikely sports anchor rises to the top and challenges Iran's traditions

Iran's favorite television sports personality talks so fast he frequently winds up tongue-tied. He often leaves his sentences unfinished because he is unable to find ... Full story

What Is Wrong with Us Iranians?

We Iranians, throughout our long history, have shown that we could become converted into just about any kind of ideological beliefs with the edge of ... Full story

The Art of Moving Forward

Do you think you can get what you want?  Your answer is very important; however, what you really believe about your answer is even more ... Full story

Poetry as manifestations of the unconscious

In this article I will look into the life and work of Rumi, the famous Persian poet who has becomes so famous and very popular ... Full story

Beauty Q&A Beauty and Fashion ... Tips and Tricks

  mehrzee@yahoo.comLately my skin has been flakey.  It’s like I am shedding skin. I can’t even wear makeup because it makes my skin look unattractive. I ... Full story

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