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Ayatollah Amjad: 'Lies Rule Supreme'; Mourning Held for 'Martyr' Saber

Ayatollah Mahmoud Amjad Kermanshahi, a popular cleric, has issued a statement to the nation in which he strongly criticizes what he calls "lawlessness, rogue behavior, ... Full story

Is it Necessary for Iran to Acquire Nuclear Arsenal?

The last several years there has been a multinational campaign, led by the United States, against Iran’s nuclear program. I do not understand what all ... Full story

Revolutionary Guard Chief Jafari: Enemies Aim to 'Eliminate Iran Physically'

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the top commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, said that part of ... Full story

UN Honors Iranian Professor

The music and ceremony were in honor of Professor Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi of the University of Tehran -- winner of the 2011 United Nations Population ... Full story

Ah, Summertime...... and the Living is Not-So-Easy

Summertime Tehran can be testing place for the female sex. Each year, as the mercury climbs to the high thirties, several thousand harbingers of hot ... Full story

A Case for U.S. - Iran Diplomacy

A long with five former European ambassadors to Iran, you wrote an open letter in June 2011 encouraging the United States and the European Union to ... Full story

The Art of Moving Forward

Have you ever felt stuck in your relationship, career, business, or in any other situation?  What is it that takes control of your life and ... Full story

Love and Psyche

According to Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist, fairy tales are stories developed around archetypal themes.  The myth of Psyche and Eros clearly is about love with ... Full story

Beauty Q&A: Beauty and Fashion Tips and Tricks

  I have been looking for a good sunscreen. I get very confused as which one to buy. The other day I was reading the ingredients ... Full story

Sleep Deprivation Affects More Than Your Zzzzs...

Owing to a hectic schedule and stressful lifestyle, the majority of people find it difficult to have sound sleep at night. If you are being ... Full story

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